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Web Links to GIG Educational Sheets

Celiac Disease GIG Educational Brochure

Dermatitis Herpetiformis GIG Educational Brochure

Associated Autoimmune Diseases GIG Educational Brochure

Diabetes and Celiac Disease GIG Educational Brochure

Quick Start Diet Guide for Celiac Disease GIG Educational Sheet

The Gluten-Free (GF) Diet GIG Educational Sheet

Restaurant Dining Seven Tips GIG Educational Sheet

Travel Tips GIG Educational Sheet

Other Web Links to Refer To  This is the product listing from Clan Thompson.  There is a charge for this.  Extensive GF Food List from Dr. Stephen Holland, a doctor and a celiac.  This listing is free.  Extensive GF Medicine List from Dr. Stephen Holland, a doctor and a celiac.  This listing is free.

National Institute of Health: Great explanation of celiac disease. GF restaurant cards for travel around the world.  GF recipes online. Another explanation of celiac disease. for San Antonio.  Gluten Free Restaurant Awareness Program, a program developed by GIG.  Gluten Free Certification Organization, a program of certified GF products developed by GIG.  Handouts from Dr. Cathy Breedon, PhD Nutritionist.  Great nutrition information for celiacs.  Please read these carefully and add lots of fiber to your diet.  GF flours are low in fiber and high in fat.  Many new celiacs will gain too much weight if not careful because of the high fat content of our flours.

CenTex Gluten Free online discussion group:   (to join, enter your email address and click Subscribe).  This discussion list serves as a resource for people with gluten intolerance, living in the Central Texas and surrounding areas. Q&As are welcome, as are references for new resources and socialization opportunities.