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Confetti Mac & Cheese

1 box quinoa veggie curls (or other gluten-free pasta)

2 cups frozen green peas

2 cups Velveeta Light

1 cups cheddar shreds

cup mozzarella shreds

1 cup plain, nonfat yogurt (i.e. Dannon)

About 10 slices lunch meat ham, cut into small pieces (i.e. Buddig)

A little Parmesan and Romano to taste (i.e. Kraft)

Black pepper for zing

Cook pasta according to package directions while cooking peas according to package directions.  Drain peas.  Add Velveeta and melt.  Add other cheeses, yogurt, and ham and stir to melt cheeses.  Drain pasta and add to mac and cheese.  Add enough pepper for the proper zing.

Recipe crafted by Cassandra Gee