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GF Italian Beef Stew

1 lb stew meat (chicken can be used instead)

1 bag frozen Italian style vegetables

2 cans Swanson beef broth (or Swanson Natural Goodness chicken)

½ cup red wine or cooking wine (white wine with chicken)

½ tsp crushed garlic or 2 cloves

1 tsp Italian seasoning (pure spices)

Pepper to taste (I use about ½ tsp)

Salt to taste (I use about ¼ tsp)

Diced new potato, 6 small or 3 large (eliminate if you plan to freeze this stew)

1 cup frozen chopped onions or one large onion

1 can Del Monte diced tomatoes

Brown the meat in a skillet with a small amount of olive oil.  Place in crock pot.  Add everything else and cook on low for 8 hours or high for 4 hours.  I set my crock pot out side on the patio table so I don’t have to smell food all day. Serve with a crusty bread and salad.  Top with grated parmesan cheese if desired.