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Turkey w/Southern GF Dressing & Giblet Gravy

Betty Barfield

Use your regular corn bread recipe, but add a GF flour mixture in place of the regular flour called for, plus 1 tsp of xanthan gum to the recipe.  Make cornbread as directed, let cool.  Make enough for one oblong pan.

Cook turkey in about 1 ½” water.  Baste with butter during cooking.  When done, save all broth from cooked turkey.  In small pan of water cook liver and giblets.  Set aside. 

4  8-oz cans Hain or Swanson chicken broth or equal amount of GF chicken bullion cubes dissolved in boiling water.

½ cup chopped celery

1 small onion chopped

6 eggs

4 slices GF bread, finely chopped or crumbled

3-4 tblsp sage to taste

salt/pepper to taste

Cook celery and onion in small pan of water.  Hard boil two of the eggs in small pan of water.  Put aside after celery, onion and eggs are done.

Crumble cooked cornbread into very large bowl.  Add GF bread crumbs.  Add 4 raw eggs, cooked celery, onion, sage and salt/pepper to taste.  Add chicken broth.  Mix well with hands.  Mixture must be “sloshy” but not watery.  Add more broth from the saved turkey broth as needed to get to this consistency.

Bake in a 350 degree oven until lightly browned on top and done inside.


In medium pan (2 qt) add reserved broth from cooked turkey, add chopped boiled eggs, chopped liver and giblets.  Start heating on med heat.  In a jar with lid, put about ¼ cup GF flour, add milk to equal to about 6 oz liquid.  Shake until well blended and there is no dry flour in jar.  Add slowly to the pan of broth, stirring until thickened.  If not thick enough, add more flour/milk blend.  Salt and pepper to taste.