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Coconut Tarts with Lemon Filling

(Made by Alison Beck)

Lemon Tarts:

Crust:  Process the following in the food processor

2 c. Sweetened Coconut

c. Sugar

Stir in 2 egg whites

The recipe call for putting them in greased tart pans with the removable bottom.  I used the individual silicon cupcake holders.  Bake at 325 degrees for 25-30 minutes or until golden, (I usually have to cook them longer). This time I baked them in the convection oven and it worked much better.   Remove halfway through cooking and press down the bottoms.  Let Cool and fill with you favorite filling. Chocolate pudding works well too.

Lemon Filling:

Mix whipping cream with Lemon curd (either make your own or buy a jar).  Mix to your taste.  I usually use one jar of lemon curd and 1 pint of whipping cream (before beating).  You can also use cool whip.  Some brands do contain wheat starch so check the label.