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Key Lime Pie

(First Place Winner for Pie in August 5th NTGIG Baking Contest)

(Made by Betty Barfield)


3 egg yolks (eggs at room temp.)

1 Cup sugar

tsp salt

1/3 Cup corn starch

2 Cups water

2 T butter

1/3 Cup lime juice (fresh is best)

1 T grated lime peel

8 oz. cream cheese (softened or whipped cream cheese works best)

1 baked GF pie crust or 1 pie crust made from crushed GF cookie crumbs.  I used Kinnikinnick Chocolate Cookie Crumbs (Chocolate Cookie Crumbs, Item #62013300435 -- from the Kinnikinnick website) or you could crush any GF cookies to make a crumb crust)

Beat egg yolks and set aside.  Combine sugar, salt and corn starch a medium saucepan.  Gradually add water and stir well with a whisk.  Bring to a boil, stirring constantly and boil 2 minutes.  Remove from heat.  Add a quarter of the mixture to the egg yolks and stir to prevent eggs from cooking.  Return all to saucepan, add butter and lime juice, stir well.  Heat and boil 2 minutes or until very thick.  Add cream cheese and stir to blend in well.  Add a couple of drops of green food color to make lime green if desired.  Pour mixture into cooled pie shell or cookie crumb shell.  Cool pie in refrigerator until well chilled.  Top with Cool Whip and decorate if desired with lime slices.