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Christmas Salad

Linda Kline

1 large or 2 small packages Lime Jello (Kraft is GF)

1 cup pineapple juice drained from the crushed pineapple listed below

1 c. water

1 package Knox gelatine dissolved in very small amount of cool water

Heat together in microwave until it boils the pineapple juice and water; stir in Jello to dissolve.  Stir in the dissolved gelatine.  Cool until sides of the bowl or glass arenít hot to the touch.  Stir in the can of the drained pineapple. 


Large container of GF cottage cheese leaving about Ĺ inch not included in salad (Kroger and Bordenís are GF)

Fold in with a whisk:

Large carton Kraft Cool Whip 

Put all of salad in a salad mold sprayed with Pam and chill until salad is set.