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DFW Gluten-Free Restaurant Guide

The Gluten Intolerance Group of North Texas develops and publishes a gluten free restaurant guide. Currently there are over 140 restaurants in the guide with menu items that are gluten free or can be easily prepared gluten free. Several of the restaurants have entire gluten free printed menus. Although this guide is intended for the DFW area, many restaurants in the guide are located nationwide.  In addition we have also included Texas Bed and Breakfast Inns, personal chefs, and bakeries that can accommodate the gluten free diet.

New subscribers may purchase the guide for $25.

 Once you have initially purchased the guide for the $25 subscription fee, you are eligible for free electronic copies of present and future updates sent via email. In addition, previous subscribers can purchase printed updates for only $10.

Restaurant guides are always available at our monthly meetings but a $5 shipping charge will be added to all mail orders.

All net proceeds from the sale of the guides will go towards Celiac Awareness and Education in the DFW area.

 Please click here to go directly to the online store. 

If you would like a guide shipped to you, please fill out this order form and return it with your payment.  If you have any general questions or recommendations, send an email to Restaurant Guide.